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It’s the boner to brain pathway. That cock of yours is directly linked to your mind; it’s a little gateway to mind control. When I make you hard, when I tease and have fun with that cock, I take control. I flip the switch. I invade your brain and turn your mind to mush.

A part of your brain says stop. It weakly whimpers, withstand! However all it takes is a smile or a flash of my tits to make the last remains of mindful idea fade into oblivion.

And the deeper I drive you into that state of dumb stimulation, the more powerfully the boner to brain pathway is stimulated. Your satisfaction center neurons firing rapidly, canceling everything else out. There’s just room for me in your horny, mushy mind.

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She knew you could not resist, She knew that when you saw Her ass you ‘d have to see her live on Webcam. She knows you can’t withstand jerking to Her ass as She teases you with it.

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